PHP Solutions - Dynamic Web Design Made Easy, 3rd Edition by David Powers

Bibliographic Information:
Title: PHP Solutions - Dynamic Web Design Made Easy 3rd Edition
Editor: David Powers
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: Apress Publisher
Length: 814 pages
Size: 8.03 MB
Language: English

When the first edition of PHP Solutions was published, I was concerned that the subtitle, Dynamic Web Design Made Easy, sounded overambitious. Even with this third edition, it still makes me a little apprehensive about unduly raising readers’ expectations. PHP is not difficult, but nor is it like an instant cake mix: just add water and stir. Every website is different, so it’s impossible to grab a script, paste it into a webpage, and expect it to work. My aim was to help web designers with little or no knowledge of programming gain the confidence to dive into the code and adjust it to their own requirements.
The fact that the book has remained so popular since it was first published in 2006 suggests that many readers took up the challenge. Members of Boston PHP did so in large numbers when they adopted the second edition as the text for three series of PHP Percolate, a virtual self-study group for beginners. Hundreds signed up to study the book one chapter a week. It worked for them, so I hope it will work just as well for you.

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