Practical Software Development Techniques - Tools and Techniques for Building Enterprise Software by Crookshanks

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Practical Software Development Techniques - Tools and Techniques for Building Enterprise Software
Editor: Edward Crookshanks
Edition: New
Publisher: Apress Publisher
Length: 261 pages
Size: 4.12 MB
Language: English

The purpose of this book is to discuss and provide additional resources for topics and technologies that current university curriculums may leave out. Some programs or professors may touch on some of these topics as part of a class, but individually they are mostly not worthy of a dedicated class, and collectively they encompass some of the tools and practices that should be used throughout a software developer’s career. Use of these tools and topics is not mandatory, but applying them will give the student a better understanding of the practical side of software development.
In addition, several of these tools and topics are the ‘extra’ goodies that employers look for experience working with or having a basic understanding of. In discussions with industry hiring managers and technology recruiters, the author has been told repeatedly that fresh college graduates, while having the theoretical knowledge to be hired, are often lacking in more practical areas such as version control systems, unit testing skills, debugging techniques, interpreting business requirements, and others. This is not to slight or degrade institutional instruction, only to point out that there are tools and techniques that are part of enterprise software development that don’t fit well within the confines of an educational environment. Knowledge of these can give the reader an advantage over those who are unfamiliar with them.
This guide will discuss those topics and more in an attempt to fill in the practical gaps. In some cases the topics are code-heavy, in other cases the discussion is largely a survey of methods or a discussion of theory. Students who have followed this guide should have the means to talk intelligently on these topics and this will hopefully translate to an advantage in the area of job hunting. While it would be impossible to cover all tools and technologies, the ones covered in this guide are a good representative sample of what is used in the industry today. Beyond the theoretical aspects of computer science are the practical aspects of the actual implementation; it is this realm that this book attempts to de-mystify.

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