Pro VIM by Mark McDonnell, Achieve Greater Understanding with Essential Terminal Application

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Pro VIM 
Editor: Mark McDonnell
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Apress Publisher
Length: 621 pages
Size: 5.14 MB
Language: English

Text. That’s ultimately why you’re here. One of the most fundamental aspects of using a computer comes down to dealing with text-based content. We want to write text, edit, and manipulate it. Whether we’re writing a book, a blog post, an e-mail, or developing a web application written in whichever programming language happens to be your flavor of choice, it all comes down to text in the end.
How you go about writing that text is up to you, but the tools you use will determine how efficient you are at carrying out that task. The more efficient
you are, the quicker you’ll complete that task and have more time for other things in life, such as like leaving work behind and being with family and friends.
I’m a software engineer by trade, and so I spend an awful lot of time sitting at a desk with my laptop writing (mainly code). Although the target audience of this book is primarily technical users (such as programmers), it should not be a concern if you’re not a technical user. We’re going to be focusing on learning how to take advantage of the Vim text editor and, so, really, dealing with “text” is all you need to be concerned about while reading through these chapters.
Throughout the book, you’ll learn about techniques and tricks that will help you to best utilize Vim, so that you can manipulate and control your text content. We look at topics that sound like they would be useful only to programmers (such as “code folding”), but in reality, the features we cover are just as useful to any long-form text-based content. There is, in fact, very little in this book that is applicable solely to programmers. We look at how to automate your workflow, using “macros,” different techniques for searching and replacing content across multiple files, as well as file comparison/validation through Vim’s built-in “diff” utility. These features are useful to users from all industries.

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