Professional Visual Studio 2013 | Programming on Microsoft Windows with Latest Visual Studio by Bruce Johnson

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Professional Visual Studio 2013
Editor: Bruce Johnson
Edition: 1st, New
Publisher: Wiley Publishers
Length: 1102 pages
Size: 78.0 MB
Language: English

Throughout its history, Visual Studio has incorporated the latest advances in Microsoft’s premier
programming languages (Visual Basic and C#), and this version is no different. But alongside support for
language features comes continuing support for developers. In theory, it is possible to create any .NET
application using tools as simple as Notepad and a command-line window. But the typical developer
would never think to do so. The tools and utilities that come with Visual Studio do more to increase the
productivity of developers than any other single piece of software currently available. Visual Studio 2013 is
no different from previous versions in this respect. It includes a host of improvements and new features that
are aimed at making the life of a developer easier.
Visual Studio 2013 is an enormous product no matter which way you look at it. It can be intimidating to
newcomers and difficult for even experienced .NET developers to find what they need. And that’s where this
book comes in. Professional Visual Studio 2013 looks at every major aspect of this developer tool, showing
you how to harness each feature and offering advice about how best to utilize the various components
effectively. It shows you the building blocks that make up Visual Studio 2013, breaking the user interface
down into manageable chunks for you to understand. It then expands on each of these components with
additional details about exactly how they work, both in isolation and in conjunction with other parts of
Visual Studio 2013, along with tools that are not included in the out-of-the-box product, to make your
development efforts even more efficient.

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