Ruby Quick Syntax Reference by Matt Clements

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Ruby Quick Syntax Reference
Editor: Matt Clements
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Apress Publisher
Length: 186 pages
Size: 832 KB
Language: English

Ruby is a powerful and easily language to discover and learn, if you don’t know how to program Ruby is a very simple language to pick up and learn; but if you have programmed previously, such as in PHP, Perl, Pascal or C you will find Ruby an easy language to grasp.
Ruby is a very pragmatic language, often having multiple ways of doing things; I will highlight within the book the options available to you as a programmer, along with any pitfalls to avoid. We won’t cover any bloated samples, or drawn out history lessons; but instead quick details as to what we can achieve with the Ruby language, and quick syntax notes as to how to write Ruby code. This book has been written to learn from scratch, with very little previous experience programming; or as a quick syntax guide to pick up and remind you of the syntax and abilities of the Ruby language.
Ruby was designed and developed by Yukihiro “Matz”Matsumoto in the mid-90’s, but is now used across the world, and often is commonly known when used within the framework Rails (Ruby on Rails), but can also be used on it’s own, or with other frameworks. Ruby is used by sites such as Twitter, Shopify, Airbnb and Github.

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