Basic Statistics for Intermediate Classes (Part - 2) by Saleem Akhtar and Ghulam Hussain Kiani

Basic Statistics for Intermediate Classes (Part - 2) by Saleem Akhtar and Ghulam Hussain Kiani

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Basic Statistics for Intermediate Classes (Part - 2)
Editor: Muhammad Saleem Akhtar
Ghulam Hussain Kiani
Part: 2nd
Publisher: Unknown
Length: 324 pages
Size: 14.4 MB
Language: English

Basic Statistics - Part II has oeen written to serve as the text for the students of Intermediate level class XII. It has been written strictly according to the new syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education (Curriculum Wing), Government of Pakistan, Islamabad. The book will meet the requirements of all the Education Boards in Pakistan. The st~dents of M.A. Economics, B. Com., M. Sc. Geography, M. Sc. Psychology, B.B.A., Business Administration and the students of many other areas of social sciences can read their courses from this book. They can -benefit a lot from this book because the lessons in the book have been discussed in a straightforward, simple and lucid manner.

For the students, who do not have the class-room facility, this book will be a good gift in their hands. The students of Allama Iqbal Open University who are taking up courses of BBA and B.A. will find this book of tremendous value to them. They can prepare their lessons from this book without attending intensive class-room lectures. The book is really 'basic', material-wise, and language-wise and anybody who is interested to learn the basic theory of Statistics will find the book a beneficial guide. The entire book has been written in a simple manner. Special attention has been given to theory of sampling, hypothesis testing and estimation. The theoretical concepts have been made clear with illustrative examples. Efforts have been made to keep .the subject matter close to the situations of practical life so that greater interest is created among the students. ·

We are extremely grateful to our colleagues who have done the arduous task of the proof reading. Nonetheless some errors might still appear here and there ln the book. We shall be grateful if such errors or omissions are brought to our notice for prompt rectification. For,the improvement of the book, we always need suggestions and healthy criticism of our readers and the teachers. A sincere note of appreciation goes to our colleagues in Rawalpindi and Islamabad who have. helped us a· great deal in completing the task. We also express our gratitude to the members of our family and our friends for their encouragement and cooperation in this endeavour. We wish to thank all the respectable teachers of Statistics who have strengthened ·us by appreciating our first attempt 'Basic Statistics Part I'. We would like to close by expressing our thanks to our publishers Messr. Majeed Book Depot, Urdu Bazar, Lahore for their maximum possible efforts in bringing out the book in time. We offer special words of thanks and appreciation for Muhammad Khurshid Khan, the computer operator who worked with us with patience and devotion.

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