C Programming Absolute Beginner, No Experience Necessary, 3rd Edition by Perry and Miller

Bibliographic Information:
Title: C Programming Absolute Beginner, No Experience Necessary
Editor: Greg Perry
Dean Miller
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: Pearson
Length: 617 pages
Size: 8.16 MB
Language: English

Although some people consider C to be difficult to learn and use, you’ll soon see that they are wrong. C is touted as being a cryptic programming language, and it can be—but a well-written C program is just as easy to follow as a program written in any other programming language. The demand for programmers and developers today is high, and learning C is an effective foundation to build the skills needed in a variety of fields, including app development, game programming, and so much more.

If you’ve never written a program in your life, this chapter is an excellent beginning because it teaches you introductory programming concepts, explains what a program is, and provides a short history of the C language. Get ready to be excited! C is a programming language rich in its capabilities.

A computer isn’t smart. Believe it or not, on your worst days, you are still light-years ahead of your computer in intelligence. You can think, and you can tell a computer what to do. Here is where the computer shines: It will obey your instructions. Your computer will sit for days processing the data you supply, without getting bored or wanting overtime pay.

The computer can’t decide what to do on its own. Computers can’t think for themselves, so programmers (people who tell computers what to do) must give computers extremely detailed instructions. Without instructions, a computer is useless; with incorrect instructions, a computer will not successfully execute your desired task. A computer can no more process your payroll without detailed instructions than an automobile can start by itself and drive around the block independently.

The collection of detailed expressions that you supply when you want your computer to perform a specific task is known as a program. You can buy or download thousands of programs for your computer, tablet, or phone, but when a business needs a computer to perform a specific task, that business hires programmers and developers to create software that follows the specifications the business needs. You can make your computer or mobile device do many things, but you might not be able to find a program that does exactly what you want. This book rescues you from that dilemma. After you learn C, you will be able to write programs that contain instructions that tell the computer how to behave.

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