Foundations of Python Network Programming, 3rd Edition by Rhodes and Goerzon

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Foundations of Python Network Programming
Editor: Brandon Rhodes
John Goerzon
Edition: 3rd, Comprehensive
Publisher: Apress Publisher
Length: 369 pages
Size: 3.17 MB
Language: English

It is an exciting moment for the Python community. After two decades of careful innovation that saw the language gain features such as context managers, generators, and comprehensions in a careful balance with its focus on remaining simple in both its syntax and its concepts, Python is finally taking off. Instead of being seen as a boutique language that can be risked only by top-notch programming shops such as Google and NASA, Python is now experiencing rapid adoption, both in traditional programming roles, such as web application design, and in the vast world of “reluctant programmers,” such as scientists, data specialists, and engineers—people who learn to program not for its own sake but because they must write programs if they are to make progress in their field. The benefits that a simple programming language offers for the occasional or non expert programmer cannot, I think, be overstated.

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