Rodent Pests and their Control, 2nd Edition by Alan P. Buckle and Robert H. Smith

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Rodent Pests and their Control
Editor: Alan P. Buckle
School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading, UK
Robert H. Smith
School of Applied Sciences, University of Huddersfield, UK
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: CABI Publishing
Length: 434 pages
Size: 13 MB
Language: English

From comments that we have received, it seems that the first edition of this book was welcomed
when it was published in 1994 – by both those studying and those practising rodent
pest management. The concept of a book that combined information from the latest scientific
research with advice about the practical implementation of pest management programmes
appears to have been a good one. Therefore, the basic plan of the original book
has been retained.
This is not a fast-moving branch of science and there was never an urgent need to bring
forward another edition. Eventually though, we were persuaded that enough had changed,
and sufficient new information had accumulated, to make a second edition worthwhile
after an interval of 20 years.
We began the task of producing this edition several years ago, but pressure of work on
us both, and commitments in our personal lives, have meant that progress has been much
slower than we wanted. So we should first express our grateful thanks to those authors who
diligently met the initial submission deadlines and then waited (mostly) with great patience
to see the book finally come into print. We are also grateful to those authors who
needed more time, and more encouragement, to complete their allocated chapters, having
recognized from our own lives the difficulties of finding time to do the necessary work. Indeed,
without all of the authors, we would have no second edition.
In producing this new edition we have taken the opportunity to add some additional
chapters and substantially to modify others. The humaneness of vertebrate pest control
interventions has come to greater prominence since the publication of the first edition and
a chapter on this is now provided. The important issue of the presence of residues of anticoagulant
rodenticides in wildlife is also recognized with a chapter on that subject. The use
of rodenticides for the removal of rodents as detrimental alien invasives in island ecosystems
was in its infancy at the time of the first edition, but has since become a major aspect
of practical wildlife conservation on a global scale. Preeminent scientists in all of these
areas have contributed to the new edition. It is satisfying that, once again, these new chapters
combine up-to-date scientific research with highly practical advice to practitioners.
We thank the CAB International staff, Alex Lainsbury and Rachel Cutts, whose patience
must have been sorely tried many times, but whose support and encouragement
were never less than exemplary.
Finally, we wish to remember the authors from the first edition who have died since its
publication: Norman Gratz, John Greaves and Mogens Lund. All of these men made significant
contributions to the study and development of rodent pest management in their lifetimes. The
book’s first edition, as well as their published literature, stand testament to these contributions
and to their scientific standing. Their knowledge and experience were much missed in the
preparation of this new edition, and our thanks go to those other authors who stepped in to
help us with the important chapters that they contributed to the first edition.

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