The Book of Joy Lasting Happiness in a Changing World with Douglas Abrams by Dalai Lama

Bibliographic Information:
Title: The Book of Joy Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama
Editor: Dalai Lama 
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Penguin Random House (PRH)
Length: 283 pages
Size: 5.37 MB
Language: English

The Invitation to Joy

To celebrate one of our special birthdays, we met for a week in
Dharamsala to enjoy our friendship and to create something that we
hope will be a birthday gift for others. There is perhaps nothing more
joyous than birth, and yet so much of life is spent in sadness, stress, and
suffering. We hope this small book will be an invitation to more joy and
more happiness.
No dark fate determines the future. We do. Each day and each
moment, we are able to create and re-create our lives and the very quality
of human life on our planet. This is the power we wield.
Lasting happiness cannot be found in pursuit of any goal or
achievement. It does not reside in fortune or fame. It resides only in the
human mind and heart, and it is here that we hope you will find it.
Our cowriter, Douglas Abrams, has kindly agreed to assist us in this
project and interviewed us over the course of a week in Dharamsala. We
have asked him to weave our voices together and offer his own as our
narrator so that we can share not only our views and our experience but
also what scientists and others have found to be the wellsprings of joy.
You don’t need to believe us. Indeed, nothing we say should be taken
as an article of faith. We are sharing what two friends, from very
different worlds, have witnessed and learned in our long lives. We hope
you will discover whether what is included here is true by applying it in
your own life.
Every day is a new opportunity to begin again. Every day is your
May this book be a blessing for all sentient beings, and for all of
God’s children—including you.

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