Plant Nematology, 2nd Edition by Roland N. Perry and Maurice Moens

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Plant Nematology
Editor: Roland N. Perry
Department of AgroEcology, Rothamsted Research, UK and Biology
Department, Ghent University, Belgium
Maurice Moens
Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, Belgium and Laboratory
for Agrozoology, Ghent University, Belgium
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: CABI Press
Length: 565 pages
Size: 7.04 MB
Language: English

We were delighted with the positive response to the first edition of Plant Nematology.
Initially aimed at the MSc course in nematology at Ghent University, Belgium, the
book has proved popular with students and staff worldwide. The first edition was
written in 2005 and published in April the following year. Several chapters now need
updating to meet the requirements of current nematology students.
In producing this second edition, we have taken the opportunity to revise all
chapters, especially those, such as the molecular chapters, where a wealth of new
information has accumulated over the intervening years since the first edition. We are
grateful to the authors who have prepared the revised chapters; their time and effort
are greatly appreciated. Also, we would like to acknowledge the constructive comments
from users of the first edition; in particular, we thank Axel Elling (Washington
State University, USA), Rick Davis (North Carolina State University, USA), David
Hunt (CABI, UK), John Jones (The James Hutton Institute, UK), Charlie Opperman
(North Carolina State University, USA) and Nicole Viaene (ILVO, Merelbeke,
Belgium) for their important and useful comments.
The book is aimed at students, to introduce them to the delights and challenges
of plant nematology, and the immense economic and social damage done by plantparasitic
nematodes. The need for young, enthusiastic nematologists to tackle the
immense problems caused worldwide by plant-parasitic nematodes is paramount. We
hope that the enthusiasm of the editors and chapter authors is contagious!

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