Plant Pathogen Detection Disease Diagnosis, 2nd Edition Books in Soils Plants and the Environment by Narayanasamy

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Plant Pathogen Detection Disease Diagnosis, 2nd Edition Books in Soils Plants and the Environment
Editor: P. Narayanasamy
Edition: 2nd, Revised and Expanded
Publisher: Marcel Dekker, Inc ( CRC Press)
Length: 533 pages
Size: 3.90 MB
Language: English

The first edition (1997) of this book was well received by all concerned with crop
disease diagnosis and management. The importance of rapid detection and precise
identification of microbial pathogens for achieving effective crop disease management
has been increasingly realized, as reflected by numerous research papers
published in the past few years. Several new microbial plant pathogens have been
identified, and the phylogenetic relationships of many pathogens, have been established
based on new information. The inadequacy of morphological and biochemical
characteristics alone to establish the identity of microbial pathogens has
been demonstrated. Several studies have demonstrated the need to make wider use
of modern molecular methods that provide more reliable information for the detection,
identification, and differentiation of microbial plant pathogens.
Many national and international seminars and symposia have focused the attention
of researchers and personnel connected with crop disease management on
the imperative need to alert crop growers to techniques that can yield rapid and reliable
results. The primary objective is to encourage the application of techniques
that are simple, cost-effective, and adaptable for different field conditions. This
second edition has been revised and expanded to information that has been compiled
since the publication of the first edition. Newer techniques that are more sensitive
and rapid are presented in Appendices to appropriate chapters. It is hoped
that researchers, teachers, extension specialists, and students will find this second
edition to be a useful source of information for planning their strategies to contain
microbial pathogens that cause economically significant crop diseases.
It is with a sense of great respect and admiration that I profusely thank Prof.
M. S. Swaminathan, Holder of the UNESCO Chair of Eco-technology, who has
played a leading role in the Green Revolution and ecological preservation in India,
for writing the Foreword for this book. I also offer my appreciation to all my
colleagues for their useful suggestions, especially to Dr. T. Ganapathy for help in
preparing the illustrations and to Mrs. K. Mangayarkarasi for assistance in prepare
ing the manuscript. Permission given by editors and publishers to reproduce photographs
is acknowledged individually in the text.

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