Plant Resistance to Arthropods Molecular and Conventional Approaches by Michael Smith

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Plant Resistance to Arthropods Molecular and Conventional Approaches
Editor: C. Michael Smith
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Springer Publishers
Length: 421 pages
Size: 10.0 MB
Language: English

The theory, study, and practice of plant resistance to arthropods has matured greatly
since the publication of R. H. Painter's classic Plant Resistance to Insects in 1951. In
Plant Resistance to Arthropods - Molecular and Conventional Approaches, I have
attempted to update the literature in this continually expanding area of arthropod
pest management and to synthesize new information about transgenic arthropod
resistant crop plants, the molecular bases of arthropod resistance in crop plants, and
the use of molecular markers to breed arthropod resistant plants. The information is
presented in a step-by-step manner that introduces and describes the study of plant
resistance for students, researchers, and educators.
I am thankful to colleagues around the world for their encouragement and
support during the development of this book over the past three years. Special
thanks are expressed to Elena Boyko, Steve Clement, Xuming Liu and Lieceng Zhu
for their critical reviews of the manuscript. I appreciate the efforts of Clayton
Forgey and Annie Nordhus, who formatted different revisions of the text. The
project benefited greatly from the efforts of two talented artists. Andrea Kohl, a
graphic artist at Northern Michigan University designed the book cover. Robert
Holcombe, a graphic designer in the Department of Communications at Kansas State
University prepared several line drawings for the text. I appreciate the help of Skylar
Martin-Brown, who developed the figures of plant allelochemical structures.
Thanks are also due to Sharon Starkey for assistance in the location of bibliographic
materials and in the preparation of photographic images. I acknowledge the support
of the administration of the Kansas State University College of Agriculture for
granting me sabbatical leave during which I completed a working draft of the book.
I express special thanks to Frank Davis, for his friendship, guidance, and
inspiration for the past 30 years. Finally, I thank the many students I have had the
privilege to educate during the past 25 past years for their eagerness to learn and
their constructive criticisms of my concepts of plant resistance to arthropods.

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