Coronavirus 2020: The Essential Guide for The Wuhan Virus (Symptoms, Transmission, and Prevention) Coronavirus Survival Guide

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Coronavirus 2020: The Essential Guide for The
Wuhan Virus (Symptoms, Transmission, and
Editor: Mark Bradley
Edition: -
Publisher: Eternal Spiral Books
Length: 20 pages
Size: 472 KB
Language: English

The coronavirus outbreak is a global concern. With each passing day the situation seems to change for the worst. More and more people are confirmed as infected, the mortality rate goes up slightly with each fatal case and the virus is making its way outside the Chinese borders. The news outlets are all over the topic, providing daily or even hourly updates to the increasingly dire situation. But most articles and news stories seem to focus more on inducing panic and creating confusion rather than reporting on scientific facts or promoting prevention measures.

So, for this book, let’s leave the panic aside and see where that brings us. The Wuhan virus is the first major health threat of 2020, but it’s far from being the first or the worst health crisis that humanity faced. Before we had the Ebola virus, Avian influenza, and SARS, with the last on this list actually being a type of coronavirus. All were highly contagious and potentially deadly, but none caused such a visceral reaction from the population. Even if we disregard those, we have the common flu virus, that causes thousands of deaths early on, and we don’t hear much about that in the news, do we? Yes, the coronavirus outbreak in China is a potential threat. That means that we all should be alert and informed on the topic. We need to know how the virus is transmitted, what the symptoms are, how we can protect ourselves from it, and what we should do if we suspect an infection. Those are practical things, useful things that keep us safe. Panic gets us nowhere.

This book is a comprehensive guide on the Wuhan virus, focusing on giving accurate information on the topic and spreading awareness of both risks and prevention measures. Please note that this book was written at the end of January 2020, so it is based on information available to the public at the time. Some aspects of this book (number of cases, spread, mortality rate, information regarding incubation time, or other unknown aspects of the virus) may not accurately reflect the present situation.

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