Coronavirus outbreak All the secrets revealed about the Covid-19 pandemic by Sidney Osler

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Title: Coronavirus outbreak All the secrets revealed about the Covid-19 pandemic 
Editor: Sidney Osler
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Publisher: Eternal Spiral Books
Length: 87 pages
Size: 2.45 MB
Language: English

According to most of the world's leading transmittable disease experts, the
Wuhan corona virus spreading from China is now likely to develop into a
pandemic that circles the globe. Its prospect is really overwhelming. A
pandemic— a spreading outbreak on two or more continents — may well
have global consequences, with China and other countries, including the
United States, which are now enforcing unprecedented travel restrictions
and quarantines.
Yet scientists still don't know how lethal the new corona virus is, so there's
concern about how much harm the pandemic might do. There is, however,
growing consensus that the pathogen is being readily transmitted among
humans. The Wuhan corona virus acts more like the highly transmissible
influenza than scientists have found in its slow-moving viral relatives,
The number of laboratory-confirmed cases has risen over the last three
weeks from about 50 in China to over 17,000 in at least 23 countries; there
have been more than 360 deaths. Yet specific epidemiological models
predict the total number of cases to be 100,000, or even more. While that
growth isn't as quick as flu or measles, it's a huge leap beyond what
virologists saw when SARS and MERS came up.
Researchers are yet to say who is at the highest risk of developing serious
or life-threatening disease, and what factors may protect against the
disease. Kids are far less likely than middle-aged and older men to
develop severe illnesses. Most of these foreign nationals who have lately
visited China are barring entry through the United States. Americans who
return from Wuhan and the epicenter of the outbreak, Hubei Province, are
to be quarantined for two weeks. Federal health officials warn Americans
not to fly to China anyway.
This is a very critical public health problem, and proactive action to
protect the public has been and will continue to be taken by the C.D.C. and
federal government. However, there are only a handful of cases in the U.S.
and the risk to the Americans is low for now. Here's what people have
learned about the virus and the outbreak so far.

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