Let's Stay Away From Virus by Rexter Marqueses

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Let's Stay Away From Virus
Editor: Rexter Marqueses
Edition: -
Publisher: Jack Cheng
Length: 61 pages
Size: 2.34 MB
Language: English

The first emergence of viruses is not clearly known. Scientists find
it hard to estimate its age because it doesn’t produce any remnants or
fossils. However, the history of viruses can be traced back in 1886 when a
German scientist named Adolf Mayer studied the mosaic disease of
tobacco. In his experiment, Mayer found out that when he crushed the
tobacco leaves and injected the juice to the healthy plants, it also produces
the symptoms of the disease. The previously healthy plant started to
produce yellow patches. Mayer concluded that the disease came from
bacterial origin. However, he couldn’t isolate it nor observe it under the
microscope. Also, he couldn’t reproduce the symptoms using any bacterial
A few years later, in 1892, a Russian student named Dmitri
Ivanovsky repeated Mayer’s experiment. During this time, however, he
filtered the juice through a Chamberland filter, which was fine enough to
trap known bacteria and other microorganisms. In his experiment, he
concluded that the disease that was causing the tobacco mosaic disease
was a microscopic bacterium or perhaps a soluble toxin. Six years later, a
Dutch scientist named Martinus Beijerinck finally concluded that the
pathogen causing the tobacco mosaic disease was not a bacterium, but a
virus. After Beijerinck’s research, it took a little over 3 decades before the
first image of a virus was captured. It was the two German scientists in the
name of Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska, who saw the first-ever viral image –
a Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

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