Pharmaceutical Enzymes, 1st ed. by Albert Lauwers, Simon Scharpe

Bibliographic Information:
Title: Pharmaceutical Enzymes, 1st ed. by Albert Lauwers, Simon Scharpe
Editor: Albert Lauwers, Simon Scharpe
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Length: 410 pages
Size: 3.76 MB
Language: English

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Table of Contents:
This well-integrated, one-of-a-kind resource offers comprehensive, interdisciplinary analyses of the entire pharmaceutical enzyme field;from molecular biology to clinical pharmacology. Highlights practical, previously unpublished information, immediately useful in industry and academic institutions! Emphasizing pharmacology and clinical impact, Pharmaceutical Enzymes discusses robust methods of measurement and evaluation reviews current knowledge on the bioavailability of pharmaceutical enzymes presents different chemical approaches to tailoring enzymes for the improvement of therapeutic effectiveness provides a step-by-step approach to molecular modeling describes recently introduced pharmaceutical products, including glucocerebrosidase for the treatment of Gaucher's disease and deoxyribonuclease for cystic fibrosis furnishes unique laboratory guidelines for the testing and quality control of pharmaceutical enzymes and more! With over 1200 bibliographic citations, figures, and tables, Pharmaceutical Enzymes is an indispensable, day-to-day reference for pharmacologists, enzymologists, microbiologists, organic and medicinal chemists and biochemists, biophysicists, biotechnologists, molecular and membrane biologists, immunologists, physiologists, pharmaceutical development managers, regulatory affairs personnel, and graduate-level students in these disciplines.

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